Slut Godess 321

1 May

If you want my cock then call me.  I’m not going to pretend i’m something i’m not.  I often do anything and everything and am not afraid to commit.  I want $ fucking call me. 855-909-9243 Ext:13642  

The storm made me do it – Part Two

24 Mar

I got him to walk me to my car by lying to him about me being stalked. (Such a naughty WHORE!) We got into my car, I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was huge and throbbing! I started to think it wouldn’t fit in my little pussy. I got to my knees, pulling […]

The storm made me do it – PART ONE

19 Mar

It was a rainy summer night. Me and my girlfriends went out for the night to the club. I was fine till they made me start doing shots. (I know no one can make you lol) One thing lead to another, my panties started getting really wet from my sweet tight pussy. It was so […]

Emo Tranny

17 Mar

  Hello,  my names DC and I really want some cock and to get fucked.  Call me up to talk about anything,  i’m open to anything so stick whatever you want inside of me and or do whatever you want.  The other night I was tied to the bed for a spanking I also like […]

Your Protein in my Mouth

10 Mar

            Sweaty Friday night as me and my firm ass and I make my way out if the gym.I made my way over to the grocery store to pick up a protein bar.But… I’m horny for a different kind of protein. The kind of protein that only a man can […]

This little slut being so sinful…

8 Mar

Sunday evening, so cold and dark outside. home alone, not a sound in to be heard. As I climb in bed, I get this overwhelming feeling like a hand running up my leg….running chills up my back. The hand moves up around my lushes ass, that curves just like an apple. My swollen pink pussy […]

Blowjob Dreams

2 Mar

While I was laying next to Jack last night I could hear him talking in his sleep. LOL Man he has some wild erotic dreams. I could hear him moan and say “Suck it deeper!!! Make me Cum Bitch!“ Oh WOW. I wondered if maybe while he was dreaming about some HOT chick, which I […]

Switching Things Up

1 Mar

Hi, I’m Alice!  I’m a bisexual Switch so I’m ready and willing to submit to you or to dominate you! I’m looking for a Master or Mistress who will use me for all of their dirtiest fantasies!  I want someone to show me off to others in as small or as large of a group as they […]

squirting like your caught in a downpour of rain….

1 Mar

The rain dripping down the roof, sliding down the gutter and dripping on the ground… makes my mind race with naughty thoughts. As it drips on the ground it makes me realizes my pussy is starting to drip yummy pussy juice down my leg. Imagine how juicy that pussy is, JUST FOR YOU! My tight, soft, […]

back home from dropping the kid off…all alone..Waiting?!?!

27 Feb

Chilly morning walking my kid to school. Back at the house all alone, sitting in my living room thinking of how the cold air on my walk erected my soft pink nipples…Can someone warm up this chilled young teen MILF? The blankets in the house ain’t going to light a fire in this sweet teen MILFs […]